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tool for monitoring and
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Your Opportunities
with SpyTeg

Save time

Great time saver! You can get access to tons of ads in seconds instead tiring testing.

Search and Find

Spy on competitors ad creatives - Native,
Banner and Video ads. You can find winning
combinations in adult advertising.

Fast launch your own
advertising campaign

Collect valuable data and fast launching your own advertising company


Get valuable data like how long ads are running,
when it was first seen, what exactly traffic
source and determine the best adult ads.

Download ads

Download every ad in
one click

Detailed statistics

Learn every piece of advertising campaigns
and build profitable ads based on this data.

Detailed statistics

Detailed statistics

Detailed statistics for each ads in the form of diagrams and graphs.
You can

With SpyTeg you can:

Find and analyze hot
competitors advertising
Understand what offers the most
popular and what creatives the
most convertible.
Save to Favourite
ads which you like.
Spy on Banner, Native,
Video adult advertising.
Determine the winning combinations,
including creatives + landing pages.
Download ads in
one click.
Winning combination
of competitors in adult
Create new profitable
advertising campaigns
or improve existing one.
Ready made decision for target audience:
determine exact traffic source, geo,
publishers etc.
Find the most popular
creatives and landing pages.
Download ads in
one click.
Save time for testing ads and determine
the best ideas in adult advertising.
Exactly understand
what products popular
in adult advertising.
Be inspiring of
successful creatives
of competitors.
Quick analysis tons of advertising and be in
known what traffic source used, all publishers
of ads, how much time it was launched.
Create or copy profitable
advertising campaigns.
Download ads in
one click.
Save your time for testing and
make more money.

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More advantages

Find newest competitors advertising campaigns, that works right now with option “Only new ads”
Translate any ad text into English or Russian for convenient analysis from 150+ geos and 8 traffic sources
Deep analytics adult advertising with data by ad trend: by days and by weeks
Advanced search ads: by keywords, offers, branding text, redirects, publisher, landing text, outgoing.
Learn newest, running longest, received most traffic, real trend helps sorting features.
Where and how long was launched ad you will find with filtering by days alive, networks, countries, ad languages, devices, browsers.
Option Saved Filters help you to analyze the dynamics of indicators, without re-searching for the same parameters the next day.
You also can find ads by sizes (for example 300х300, 320х180 etc.) and download any you want.
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Our partners


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$ 149
  • All data: Banner, Native and Video Advertising
  • Advanced search
  • Analysis ads in 8 networks, of 150+ countries and in 6 type of devices
  • Track competitors
  • Download ads
  • 2 simultaneous sessions
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$ 299
  • All data: Banner, Native and Video Advertising
  • Advanced search
  • Analysis ads in 8 networks, of 150+ countries and in 6 type of devices
  • Track competitors
  • Download ads
  • 6 simultaneous sessions